The GE2P2 Global Foundation’s Center for Genomic Medicine Governance, Ethics & Policy will focus on the rapidly evolving field which integrates precision medicine, omics, genetic testing, gene therapies and supporting frontier technologies including AI, machine learning [ML] and others.

Our focus will primarily be on the important ecology comprising governance, ethics and policy, and less.about tools and techniques [CRISPR advances, for example].

One key departure point for our work is the important set of reports issues in July 2021 by the WHO Expert Advisory Committee on Developing Global Standards for Governance and Oversight of Human Genome Editing, in particular Human genome editing: a framework for governance [12 July 2021  | Technical document]..

We adapted this report’s discussion of key competencies the global community would need to demonstrate to responsibly and effectively govern genome editing as below:

We have launched a literature digest to support our work ahead which is available on this site and by direct subscription. We will proceed with joint projects involving our Center for Informed Consent Integrity such as our IC for Genomic Medicine initiative, and actively explore collaborations with other organizations and initiatives..

For more information, please contract David R Curry, Foundation President, at david.r.curry@ge2p2global.org