Genomic Medicine Governance, Ethics, Policy, Practice: A Monthly Digest

May 2023 :: Number 05

Genomic medicine – spanning pre-clinical basic science through clinical development and translation into daily patient interventions – continues to evolve at an extraordinary pace. Advances in the scientific and technical dimensions of genomic medicine are extensively communicated through the peer-reviewed journal ecology and supporting grey literature.

Complementing this technical literature is a growing body of commentary, analysis and research around the governance, ethics, regulation, and policy dimensions of genomic medicine. Much of this content is communicated through academic journals and grey literature, but is also appearing in the general media. This digest intends to capture and curate the most substantive examples of this non-technical content.

In aggregating and editing this digest, we directly review a broad spectrum of peer-reviewed journals and grey literature, as well as announcements and strategic actions from various practice domains and organization types including international agencies, INGOs, governments/regulatory bodies, academic and research institutions, consortia and collaborations, foundations, and commercial organizations. More broadly, we utilize Google Scholar’s alert capability to scan current literature. We acknowledge that this approach and scope yields an indicative and not an exhaustive digest product.

This digest is a service of the GE2P2 Global Foundation and its newly formed Center for Genomic Medicine Governance, Ethics & Policy. The Foundation is solely responsible for its content. Comments and suggestions should be directed to the Editor or Associate Editor as below:

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